Our History

AASRA's history is rich.

Our founders recognized the importance of sports and recreation activities in the amputee community. Our original mission statement in 1977 read: "To bind together in a spirit of a fraternity, all persons who are without a limb (s), or part thereof, from any cause."


Specifically, those founding members outlined certain core objectives that included:

  • providing for the recreation of members

  • affording members the opportunity for friendly and social activities

  • encouraging and promoting amateur games and exercises 

  • providing a meeting place

  • carrying on discussions of general interest to amputees 

  • establishing a reading library


Today, we uphold these core objectives as we continue to connect with those amputees struggling with recent amputation or those who are looking for a new challenge. We have a support program for new amputees. We have a peer support program visiting new amputees in hospitals or rehabilitation programs. And we provide financial support for amputees competing at all levels of sport and recreation.


If you know of an amputee who is not already a member of our Association, why not speak to them and encourage them to join us? Their input, their ideas, their goals and their support is very welcome. They may not feel that they need support, but maybe they can BE support for someone else!