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AASRA provides its membership with financial support so they can experience life
to the fullest in a sport or recreation program of their choosing.
for Members...

Funding Application Form

Used by AASRA members to request funding approval prior to participating in a sports or recreation event. The form provides an estimate of overall cost and a clear indication of how the event is being sanctioned. The approval, including a maximum amount, will be determined by the Board of Directors. 

* Please first review the FUNDING REQUEST SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS document below for instructions and clarification on how you must properly submit a Funding request.


WORD DOC                  PDF

Reimbursement Form

Used by members to request payment for an event already participated in, usually previously approved using a Funding Application Form (but not always).  Reimbursement forms must be accompanied by actual receipts (copies, scans, etc. are OK). Requests for reimbursement for participation in events not previously approved using the Funding Application Form will be paid (or denied) at the discretion of the Board.


WORD DOC                  PDF

Expense Claim Form

Typically used by AASRA members (especially directors, support group leaders, and clinic organizers) to claim expenses incurred to conduct the affairs of the association. Must be accompanied by receipts except for mileage or gas claims.


WORD DOC                  PDF

Funding Request Submission Requirements

A Help document that provides members assistance in understanding what information is required when applying for funding.


WORD DOC                  PDF

for non-Members...

AASRA Membership Form

Print off the form using one of the file formats below, fill it out by hand, and mail to AASRA along with your chosen membership payment.

WORD DOC                PDF

Donation Form

Canada Helps Custom Donation form



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