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Step by Step Application Process
(Pre-Approval for Major Funding)

It’s never too early to apply for funding from AASRA for a sporting event you'd like to participate in or organize and lead (such as a sports clinic).  The mission of your AASRA organization is to "Support and empower Alberta amputees through sport and recreation" and it has financial resources and experienced people to help it do so.  
Here's a quick step by step explanation of the process to get financial support:
1) Complete and Submit a Funding APPLICATION Form

This and other AASRA forms can be obtained in PDF (print and fill out manually) or MS Word (save and fill out electronically) at this link AASRA Forms.  Provide as much information as possible.  "Events" do not have to take place in Alberta... or Canada for that matter.  


To obtain funding most effectively you'll need to provide the following:

  • Complete contact information

  • Best estimate of actual costs. These must be limited to the event and the dates the event is scheduled for.  Please try to include supporting documentation if possible.

  • A clear statement of who is sanctioning the event.  This is often provided in the form of an invitation (open or specific) from the organizing organization and it is an absolute necessity.


A few things that aren't eligible for funding:

  • Personal items such as a uniform or sports equipment that is essentially the property of the participant  

  • Banquet tickets

  • Practice costs or training

  • Accommodation costs that fall outside of the days necessary to participate in the event


Completed Funding Application Forms

Completed application forms can be sent in via snail mail or emailed as an attachment.

* For assistance on how to accurately complete and submit a Funding Request Application, please refer to the AASRA FUNDING REQUEST SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS document.


Please submit in hardcopy by mail to:  


PO Box 86093, Marda Loop RPO

Calgary, AB   

T2T 6B7


Via email: Send scanned copies of documents to either the general contact address or the AASRA Sports Director at


Funding Applications are reviewed on a regular basis by the AASRA board with a significant consideration of the upcoming year's requests in January and March.  


IMPORTANT:  Do not depend on AASRA funding until you get a response from the Sports Director confirming that it is so.  This can take some weeks if AASRA needs to get confirmation from our funding sources (such as AGLC for the use of Casino funds) or their support.

2) Participate in the Event, Do Your Best to Have Fun!!

Also, save absolutely every receipt and document along the way including the registration fee receipt and (if possible) the results of the event indicating where you placed (last is OK - I come in last all the time).

3) Complete and Submit a Funding REIMBURSEMENT Form

These forms also found at our AASRA Forms page. Only use the Expense Claim form if requesting repayment of expenses you incurred to conduct an event).  


Itemize and list everything that you think is a legitimate expense directly related to participating in the event.  Receipts and other source documents are crucial.  For audit purposes AASRA can't write you a cheque until we have received them.  


Scanned copies of multiple receipts on a single page are OK if you choose to submit electronically. Photocopies are OK if you're mailing your documents.


The mailing address for hardcopy Funding Reimbursement documents is:


PO Box 86093, Marda Loop RPO

Calgary, AB  

T2T 6B7  


Reimbursement Forms may also be emailed to or directly to

4) One Last Thing (isn't there always)

I think it's fair to say that the entire membership of AASRA enjoys and benefits from the pictures and stories related to our involvement in activities that our association helped fund.  Please take an extra few moments to send your stories and pictures to


Please be generous with your feedback, suggestions and personal involvement to help make our organization strong and effective.


Many thanks and GOOD LUCK in future sporting activities!!

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