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2019 Alberta Amputee Open

The following is a collection of all information pertaining to the 2019 Amp Open, which ran June 22 & 23, 2019 at Countryside Golf Course, Sherwood Park, AB

Tournament Chairperson Doug Campbell has provided the following information pertaining to the 2019 Amp Open. 
Click on any of the links below for information and resources pertaining to participating in this event:

Invitation Letter      Poster      Registration Form      Funding Reimbursement      Host Hotel Info

Check out these interviews with Doug Campbell speaking about AASRA and the 2019 Alberta Amputee Open golf tournament, that were televised on June 19 & 20 with both Global TV Edmonton and CTV Edmonton Morning Live.

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wrap-up summary & results

[from Doug Campbell, July 8, 2019...]

Hello Everyone


WOW! ............ What a couple days of golf was had on June 22-23 for the 19th annual Alberta Amputee Open golf tournament at Countryside Golf Club here in Edmonton. Great weather, friendly faces, superb course setup, and great food. It was great to see all the regular players and very refreshing to meet some new faces and see a couple new lifelong AASRA memberships being taken out. Welcome new members!

The results are in and I would like to formally congratulate the winners in all 3 categories including the Tournament Champion, Terry Storozhenko! GREAT JOB!


 1st Place... TERRY STOROZHENKO  (Sat Gross: 81, Sun Gross: 85, Total Gross: 166)

 2nd Place... DAVE MARCHAND (Sat Gross: 87, Sun Gross: 97, Total Gross: 184)

 3rd Place... VIC McCLELLAND (Sat Gross: 92, Sun Gross 94, Total Gross: 186)


 1st Place... BRAD CALLIHOO (Sat Points: 35, Sun Points: 32, Total Points: 67)

 2nd Place... IVAN HLAVENKA (Sat Points: 21, Sun Points: 18, Total Points: 39)


 1st Place... RUSS DYSON (Sat Score: 87, Sun Score 97, Total Score: 184)

 2nd Place: DAN MacKINNON (Sat Score: 92, Sun Score: 102, Total Score: 194)

 3rd Place: MADONNA DYSON (Sat Score: 98, Sun Score: 98, Total Score: 196)

Thank you Vic Mclelland for the expertise and time to tabulate all the scores and make it official.


A few other events took place on the side over the weekend and those results are also in:


Thanks to De Boer's Golf for supplying a brand new golf bag at the Longest Putting Contest. It was down to the wire but in the end it was Brad Callihou taking home the prize. All proceeds from this contest was given to AASRA on behalf of De Boer's Golf.


Much support was given to ASSRA in the form  of two 50/50 draws over the weekend. One being held on Saturday and another on Sunday. Saturdays winner was Doug Campbell taking home $90 and Sundays winner was Barb Griffin taking home $85. Thanks to all for the support here.


This years event saw a Silent Auction of 6 items donated from various business's and private donors. Once again all proceeds went to support AASRA. Opening the auction to the public as well as all tournament players and AASRA members saw a total being raised of just shy of $1000. Great job everyone!


Finally, it was super exciting for some players and perhaps not so much for others that participated in Beat the Pro par 3 hole. Our calculations indicated that more people doubled their money than those who lost their bet. Regardless, fun was had by everyone who participated. Special thanks to Ken Ingoldsby and Joey Busetto for being great sports and having fun with everyone! Proceeds for this event went to support AASRA.


Pictures taken and supplied by Katrina Ashley will be posted on the AASRA website shortly. Please visit often and look for your favorite ones or comical ones of you and your friends in action.


At this time I would like to send out a special Congratulations to Team Alberta representing in the Canadian Nationals in Okotoks later this summer on August 13-16. Team Alberta will consist of the following players: 

  • Patrick Griffin

  • Terry Shwetz

  • Terry Storozhenko

  • Andy VanBiert

  • Alternate: Vic McLelland


Please keep in mind that any amputee or disabled golf players are welcome to play this tournament in an assortment of categories by paying a member or non member price. Pass the word around to those who you think may qualify.


Contact: Vic McLelland at for all the details. GO TEAM ALBERTA!!


In closing, I would like to thank everyone who made this event a huge success from outside volunteers, player volunteers to all the businesses and private donors who supported AASRA in such a positive way. This tournament would not be possible without you the players who signed up to collectively bring awareness to the amputee community. 


Let's make it our Mission in 2019/2020 as AASRA members and all supporters of this organization to pass on the word of this event and all events hosted by AASRA. Awareness and word of mouth will help to keep all events like this alive and successful now and into the future for many more amputees and followers.


Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone once again very soon.

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