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Alberta Amputee Sports & Recreation Association

Welcome to AASRA

Our Philosophy

Our Association believes that the quality of life for all amputees, is enhanced through participation and interaction with other amputees, which improves one's social, emotional and physical well being.  We provide moral support to new and existing amputees, both young and old alike.

We believe in furthering the rehabilitation of amputees by organizing and encouraging personal involvement in social and recreational activities. We also provide support services to those who might need a lending hand or just a shoulder to lean on. As a group we want to provide personal support to amputees and their families in the community. To make all of our lives better we assist in prosthetic research for the purpose of obtaining the best device (s) available for amputees by encouraging amputees to participate in prosthetic's training courses and research projects of all types. All of this takes money so we are committed to raising funds necessary to promote the aims and objectives of the association.

Becoming a member of AASRA is easy. Click here to receive information on how to sign up.

OUR MISSION:  To support and provide opportunities for amputees
in recreation and sporting activities, in both disabled and able bodied events.
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July 15 & 16, 2023 at The Broadmoor Public Golf Course, Sherwood Park

The AASRA Amp Open Golf Tournament was held on July 15 and 16 at Broadmoor Golf Course in Sherwood Park, Alberta. 

A total of 42 players participated including several prosthetist's representatives and of course, a number of spouses, partners and friends of AASRA amputee members.  The golf course did a terrific job of hosting our annual provincial event and it appeared that a VERY good time was had by all.


Congratulations to overall tournament winner Bob MacDermott ( really Bob,... again?!? ) whose defense of the title from last year was hotly contested by several newcomers.  For a complete list of all participants, category winners and pictures please click the button below.


Many thanks to Bob MacDermott for the great job he did as this year's tournament chairperson.


Next year's AASRA Amp Open is tentatively set to be held in Medicine Hat and organized by 2024 Tournament Chairperson Jesse Florkowski.  See you all there!


Looking for a quick overview of everything that's been going on in the AASRA world as of late?  Check out our latest Newsletter!

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Welcome to our Champions Series, in which we interview a group of influential amputees to inspire youth within the amputee community.

Our latest feature is ANGELENA DOLEZAR who recently participated as a member of Canada's Sit Volleyball team at the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Click to go there now!

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Terry Storozhenko
Angelena profile
Providing Support
Furthering Rehabilitation
Enhancing Quality of Life


The War Amps provides amputees and their families with invaluable resources on living with amputation. These sheets and booklets are offered in an accessible format that is easy to comprehend. 

(more resources can be found at




live with


AASRA members

have competed in

Paralympic sports

like cycling,

paranordic skiing,

alpine skiing

and snowboarding

In 1977, a

myoelectric prosthetic arm cost $2000.

Today these prosthetics run between

$15,000 - $30,000

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