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Let's Get You Moving!

Try Sitting Volleyball and Introduction to Strength & Mobility with AASRA!


Sitting Volleyball - supported by the Men’s National Sitting Volleyball Team - will be held starting in November 2022. This program will be active until October 2023 to promote active living, sport for amputees in a team environment, and community engagement among amputees.


Our Strength & Mobility classes, held by Certified STOTT Instructor Morgan Johnson, will promote community and strength through movement that is adapted to your body. These classes will help to build strength throughout the body to provide freedom of movement in day to day activities.

Programs Currently Being Offered

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Sitting Volleyball Classes

Sitting Volleyball is an adaptive, paralympic level sport, that is played on a smaller sized volleyball court while sitting. This program will give beginner players the opportunity to try the sport with the help and guidance of the Men’s National Sitting Volleyball team and coaches. This opportunity will provide participants the ability to get out and move in a team environment.

Sitting Volleyball does not require any materials, but movement is easier if the player is wearing leggings or tight shorts underneath a more loose-fitting pair of basketball type shorts. This makes for easier sliding! Do not worry if this is not an option, as sitting volleyball is very playable without. The only thing participants will be required to bring are their water bottles.

All Sitting Volleyball will take place at the Jr. Dino's Women's Volleyball Club, Calgary AB


Strength & Mobility Classes

These classes - hosted by certified STOTT instructor Morgan Johnson of Barre West Pilates Studio - are intended to increase strength and mobility throughout the body, with focus on the hips, glutes and core.


Core strength is important for supporting the body, from everyday movements to the most intense sports and activities. Most activities will be performed while seated or laying on the ground. All props and required materials will be provided - all you need is a water bottle and comfortable clothing!

This class is intended for all levels of amputation with all abilities in movement. The entirety of Barre West is wheelchair accessible. All mobility aids are welcome. If any accommodations are required, please feel free to reach out so we can assist in making this the best experience possible for you!

All Strength and Mobility Classes will be held at Barre West Pilates Studio, Calgary AB

For both programs, a ride subsidy program is available. If you wish to attend but require a ride to the facility, please reach out to to request a ride subsidy.

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*Please note our programming is intended for ages 14 and up, though there is always room for discussion.
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